Horse Round up - 6 days






Join the farmers in this great autumn adventure. Ride along when they drive the herd, sort the horses and celebrate the safe return of horses and herders. The varied terrain includes the highland moors, green valley´s just putting on their autumn coat of burning red and yellow, deep blue lakes and rivers and Kolugljúfur gorge where a troll woman is reputed to have lived in the old days. From Bjargshóll Farm in the North we follow good riding tracks until we team up with the Icelanders who have already been rounding up horses for some days. Together we drive the herd down to the Víðidalstungurétt communal corral. When this task is complete the locals celebrate with a special round-up dance or “réttardansleikur”. We are of course more than welcome to join in the fun. The next day the horses get sorted. Experience the excitement of horses and men when the horses and foals are selected from the herd and returned to their rightful owners. When you participate in the Round Ups you are experiencing the Real Thing! You will be one of the group to herd and sort the animals. Of course that means long hours outside in sometimes cold weather. Iceland in autumn has many colors and types of weather. Anticipate to be in golden sunshine one moment and to ride in rain and even sleet during the next. We therefore recommend to dress well during these tours, to bring long woolen underwear and lots of woolen socks and gloves. It is also good to bring some „quick energy supplier“ like chocolate. A warm rider is a happy rider! Details of the tour see here


  • First day is the arrival day and already included in this planning. Riding starts on the secons day
  • Individual travel insurance is not included in the tour price
    We encourage clients to obtain relevant travel insurance before visiting Iceland
  • Flight to and from Iceland is not included
Good to know

Category: Advanced riders
Duration: 5 riding days
Dates 2022: 27.09 – 02.10.2022
Accommodation: Rooms with private bathrooms during the ride.
Meeting place: Konvin Hotel Keflavik. Accommodation after the ride is to be arranged individually.
Price: 1900 €