6 Days Riding tours

Autumn in Iceland is full of wonderful traditions. It is the season when we bring the free grazing sheep and horses back home to our farms from their summer pastures in the highlands. All helping hands come together for this: farmers, family, children and friends – be with us!

We offer three different kinds of tours in autumn:

  1. The 6-day autumn trip during which you experience how nature changes in this wonderful season and listen to lovely stories about elves and trolls.
  2. The sheep round-up – You can imagine this marvelous turmoil and the horse round-up – simply Icelandic tradition.
  3. The horse round up – When you participate in the Round Ups you are experiencing the Real Thing!

(Please find more detailed information about each tour on the bottom of this page)

From Bjargshóll Farm in the North of the country we follow good riding tracks: we ride along green valleys, deep blue lakes and rivers.
We join the farmers in this great autumn adventure.
Each night we stay at Dæli Farm in Viðidalur.



  • Individual travel insurance is not included in the tour price.
  • We encourage clients to obtain relevant travel insurance before visiting Iceland.
  • Flight to and from Iceland is not included.
Good to know

Category: Advanced riders
Dates: Different dates
Meeting place: Konvin Hotel Keflavik. Accommodation after the ride is to be arranged individually.

Our 6 days trips


Days 2022: 31.08 – 05.09.2022
Price:  1900 €


Days 2022: 13.09 – 18.09.2022
Price: 1900€


Days 2022: 27.09 – 02.10.2022
Price: 1900 €