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Dynhestar – Adventure- and Riding Tours in Iceland


We love it: the hoofbeats of our herd of horses – this wonderful sound that signifies adventure, freedom and the infinite vastness of the icelandic landscape. This is where our name comes from: Dynhestar (dynur means ‘to sound’ and hestar means ‘horses’).

We made this passion our profession. Since many years we offer different kinds of horse trips: from the 4-day trip to an 8-day tour. We are looking forward to sharing our passion with you and to showing you our home with its pristine nature, age-odd traditions and fantastical stories.


8 DAYS – Beautiful valleys and great beaches

During this tour we will ride through landscapes full of lava field, craters and valleys with unbelievable views. When we ride along the huge sand beaches of Löngufjörur, we have unlimited possibilties for the famous “tölt”.

7 DAYS – Amazing valleys and great mountains

A beautiful trip through ever changing scenery in both inhabited and abandoned valleys of the region „Dalir“ (= the Valleys) with unbelievable view and very good riding tracks to enjoy the Tölt!

Our 5 days trips

In autumn we offer three kinds of tours. Here you can experience the real icelandic traditions with us: horse round-up, sheep round-up, and our autumn trip will be unforgettable adventures for you.

4 DAYS – A lot of Tölt on wonderful beaches

Three great days are waiting for you: We will ride at the seashore and on white beaches. Excellent tölt tracks offer plenty of possibilities.