Dynhestar riding tours- good to know


We are happy to have you with us on tour and are looking forward to a breathtaking experience.
To make it a great memory for everyone here are some tips and tricks:

  • For those who experience the icelandic horse the first time: we ride tölt- a loooooot and you will love it! Most of our horses choose Tölt naturally some of them might need some support. How is that done? For the big horse riders: imagine collected trott. Soft and flexible in the hips but a good positive tension in your upper body. Be proud to ride an icelandic horse IN Iceland 😊 sit and enjoy

  • Our horses listen to voice commands (that is probably nothing new), but there is a slight difference … to slow them down we say hoooooo , almost like ho-ho-ho of Santa Claus. Brrrr as you might be used to will not make it slower but get them going.
  • We ride fast and thru different kinds of landscape. Some things might be useful to know:
    • We keep a healthy distance to each other. Even though our horses are very good on different grounds, they might stumble.
    • Some of them also do really want their private space, especially behind them and might kick if we are to close
  • When we put the bridle on the horse we leave the rein hanging in front of them and don’t put it over the neck.
  • You are lucky and can experience and enjoy the spirit of the free running herd with you, here are some tricks that help you to help us keeping the herd together.
    • Practise „hopp hopp“ – you will need it to push the herd when you are riding in the end
    • Practise „hoooo“ you will sometimes need that when riding in the front and horses might try to pass
    • Avoid riding in the middle of the herd, stay either in front or behind
    • Give the herd some space when you are riding behind them. they have their clear hierarchy and need some space to sort that
  • If you do not know the area we are riding in by heart, do not pass Eggert or Herdis in the front, otherwise you are the one that guides the group from now 😊
  • Sometimes we have to open or close gates. If you are riding in the back, the one that closes the gates will be thankful if you will wait with him/her when they mount the horse as our horses can be clinchy and want to be with their friends.
  • When we mount our horses after a break or changing we all mount together. This is because our herd is so smart they would start walking adn we want everyone to get on his horse nicely 😊 Listen what Eggert and Herdis say when we mount, you might learn some icelandic on the way
  • Check your horse when you start saddling it
    • Are all shoes on and fine?
    • Does it have any wounds?
    • 4 legs mane and tail?

Perfect, ready to go! If not… let Herdis or Eggert know

  • We help each other! Together it is more fun and everyone can need a little help from time to time. We help each other…
    • By catching horses together when we change them
    • By holding each others horses while saddling etc
    • By catching the packing horse when we do lunch – he carries our food (he can also carry small items of us sometimes but to keep the weight equal ask the guides about where to put your things)
    • By pushing or slowing down the herd (do not be afraid its not as difficult as it maybe sounds like and its a lot of fun)

If you are not sure about something or have questions all around our tour, the horses, the landscape or anything else: Ask us, we are happy to answer all your questions.

Most important thing of all: ENJOY the time!!!